Mystery Components

I am working on a teardown on a 1994 camcorder when I came across a couple of devices that have me baffled. The first one is a a big 3 pin component labelled ADL-FN2033V. It stood out on the board due to its large size, at 24mm high, 34mm long and 5mm deep.




It had a plastic cover which I popped to off to reveal (front and back)

There appears to be a resistor between two pins and the three wires go to the edge of a thin piece of glass, with a paper cover between them.  The resistor appears to be brown, black, brown, gold which if I am reading that correctly is 100Ω.  However when I probe the resistor with my multimeter it’s an open circuit?

Removing the paper and pulling out the glass (Or quartz) piece you can see it has a grey (non-conductive) material patterned on one side.

I have absolutely no idea what this component does (Or did in 1994).  If you have any idea please leave a comment.

The second mystery component on this 1994 board, I can at least have a guess at.  Its a small 14 pin-mini board, with a plastic 3mm tall rectangular part labelled  AC43  N43  14.31


The 14.31 suggests to me that this is possible a crystal oscillator (14.31MHz)  but why 14 pins?  And then after desoldering the part, on the underside is an IC in a globtop.



I squeezed the horizontal seam of the package in a vice and got the two parts to separate revealing…

A metal canister, how very odd.  So of course I took a diamond blade dremel and cut open the canister, to find it was pretty much empty??  but tipping it up and some shards  (Of quartz?) fell out.  Here is the big piece under the microscope.It does appear to be a piece of quartz (Or glass) with metal pattern on either side. So could it be a crystal oscillator?, perhaps packaged in a metal canister under vacuum or a specific gas pressure.

The decap of the glob top part reveals a small 44 pin digital logic chip with no identifying marks other than 76061 5210 which doesn’t help any

I am not sure, but speculate that the part could be a frequency synthesizer, something that is done with PLL (Phase locked loop) circuits buried inside many of todays ic’s.  If you know better please leave a comment.

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3 Responses to Mystery Components

  1. cengiz zorgörmez says:

    first one is a acoustic delay line.

  2. cengiz zorgörmez says:

    here is more information about ultrasonic delay lines.

    • Gary says:

      That was quick, thank you! I see there is an image on that wiki page showing an ADL that is very similar to this one. (I was thinking ADL was an acronym for the company??!) In a 94 camcorder I guess it was used as part of the analog signal processing, which today would all be done digitally in a DSP

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