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Texas Instruments TRF5101

The TI TRF5101 is from around 2002. Removed from a old cell phone, but I cannot recall which one?! I know it is an RF receiver probably for cellular but I could find no information about this chip. Texas Instruments … Continue reading

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LCD Display Drivers

Over the past year I have pulled apart several old phones. I thought it would be interesting to look at a selection of the LCD display drivers and how they have progressed.I am going to look at three LCD displays, … Continue reading

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Blackberry 8830

This is the world edition Blackberry 8830 from Dec 2007 (So just after the iPhone had launched and a just off the peak of Blackberry popularity.) Some teardowns go better than others, this one as you shall see is definitely … Continue reading

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Bell ExpressVu Satellite TV Set-top box

This is a an ExpressVu 4100 set-top box from around 2006:- The 4100 was (According to Wikipedia) the last SD set-top box that Bell used, getting discontinued in 2012. Opening it up, there is a single large (20.6cm x 18.6cm) … Continue reading

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