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Motorola MC6847P Video Display Generator

Used in the TRS-80, Acorn Atom and several other home computers the MC6847P is a video display generator enabling a TV to be used to display text and graphics. The date code is week 52 1978. (YMCA by the village … Continue reading

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Motorola MC6802

A few months ago I looked at a Motorola MC6800¬†bought on eBay that was branded with a Freescale logo, contained an Hitachi fabricated die (probably from late 80’s or early 90’s) and had a 2016 assembly date code. ¬†Reader Jeremy … Continue reading

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Motorola MPC17A85V

This is a die photo from a 1994 Motorola chip that was on the JVC Camcorder I looked at.     The package labeling of XPC differs from the die marking of MPC. I understand that Motorola would launch a … Continue reading

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Northern Telecom Meridian Handset …part 2

Nortel QMV491 Lets look at the other QMV part number. The QMV491BT5 oddly with no manufacturer logo         De-capping the part and I confirm this is another Nortel fabricated part and alongside the copyright and mask registration … Continue reading

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