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A Patent Story

  On the label for the battery charger with the JVC camcorder I recently took apart is a reference to patent 4942516     And on the the label of the camcorder there is reference to 5 patents. I took … Continue reading

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JVC Camcorder (1994) – part 4

  Now I am down to just the main PCB, well actually it is two PCBs there is a small board mounted to the back of the main PCB.     This is the front and back of the small … Continue reading

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Philips Sonicare

I found a Sonicare toothbrush from 2012 with a brush sanitizer and charger base.       Inside the sanitizing compartment is a UV-C light source together with a lot of reflective metal-plated plastic and a tray that supports the brush heads. … Continue reading

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Bell ExpressVu Satellite TV Set-top box

This is a an ExpressVu 4100 set-top box from around 2006:- The 4100 was (According to Wikipedia) the last SD set-top box that Bell used, getting discontinued in 2012. Opening it up, there is a single large (20.6cm x 18.6cm) … Continue reading

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