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LCD Display Drivers

Over the past year I have pulled apart several old phones. I thought it would be interesting to look at a selection of the LCD display drivers and how they have progressed.I am going to look at three LCD displays, … Continue reading

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Regent DVD Player

Today’s teardown a Regent DVD player manufactured in January 2005. The Regent brand is not a prestigious brand. A the top load mechanism, basic controls and composite video (Or S-Video) output make it a very basic DVD player.     … Continue reading

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Mitsubishi M52359

  Another chip from the 1994 Camcorder. This one by Mitsubishi has no documentation available. I think the chip is likely the read/write amplifiers for the recording head. This is based on it being located on the board in a section … Continue reading

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50W COB LED module with integrated driver

This is not a vintage teardown at all.  This is a modern LED module that just needs to be mounted and directly connected to electrical mains lead and you have a powerful floodlight.  They are extraordinarily inexpensive, I bought mine on eBay … Continue reading

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