Texas Instruments TRF5101

The TI TRF5101 is from around 2002. Removed from a old cell phone, but I cannot recall which one?! I know it is an RF receiver probably for cellular but I could find no information about this chip. Texas Instruments are usually one of the best companies for finding datasheets and information on older devices. But not this oneTRF5101 die markIt was sitting on my workbench for ages so I figured I would just post the die photo.

3 mm x 2.92 mm (8.76 mm2)TRF5101 die photoclick on image for higher resolution version


This is a copper metal part (I think 4 layers). ¬†Copper metal interconnect was first introduced late in 1997 (By IBM). Being an RF chip it would not normally be made on the leading edge state-of-art small geometry device. So it’s a bit surprising they designed this chip on a Copper process in 2001.

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  1. mightyohm says:

    They may have used a copper process to improve the Q of the on-chip spiral inductors.

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