Rohm BA6860FS 3-phase Motor Driver


From 1994 another chip from the JVC Camcorder.  This one was located on an area of the board labeled “SERVO” so I guessed it was a motor driver.Rohm BA6860 Motor DriverI was somewhat surprised to manage to find a datasheet.  Turns out it is a 3-phase motor driver for the capstan motor (The motor that drives the tape movement spindle) in the Camcorder.

Die Photo

The die photo is quite good looking. The die is 2.97 mm x 2.83 mm (8.4 mm2) and is made on a 2 metal (Aluminum) Bipolar process.Rohm BA6860FS die photo(click on image for higher resolution image)

The driver transistors for the 3-phases are clearly seen in the top right. This is the block diagram from the datasheet The pinout is quite strange (Even though pin 1 is annotated on the die) and I was not able to figure out the pinouts so can not make out the block functions.

Still a nice looking die though.

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