Motorola MPC17A85V

This is a die photo from a 1994 Motorola chip that was on the JVC Camcorder I looked at.



The package labeling of XPC differs from the die marking of MPC. I understand that Motorola would launch a product as XPCxxx, with the X signifying this was new and after a year or two in production it would become MPCxxx

I could not find any datasheet for the part, so do not know what it does. However the position on the board (In an area labelled AF) makes me think it is a small motor driver.  A driver for the servo motors that move a lens to provide auto-focus.

Die Photo

The die is 4.0 mm x 2.6 mm (10.4 mm2Motorola MPC17A85VIt is made on a 3μm single (Al) metal process.  There appears to be two channels (Top and Bottom) and there are 3 distinct areas on the chip. From left to right you have the two large driver transistor structures.  Then you have an analog block with lots of (poly-poly) capacitors and resistor networks. And on the right you have the logic block with a few columns of standard cells.

Here is a zoom in on one of the standard cell logic areas, (You can see the Aluminum metal tracks are not very crisp, they have a lot of line edge roughness)standard cell
And this is a magnified portion of the analog area showing the poly silicon capacitors (Two types, poly-poly capacitors and I believe poly-active area capacitors) with some resistors

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