Mitsubishi M52359

Mitsubushi M2359FP


Another chip from the 1994 Camcorder. This one by Mitsubishi has no documentation available. I think the chip is likely the read/write amplifiers for the recording head. This is based on it being located on the board in a section labeled PRE/REC and that it was also covered by a ground shield indicating it is sensitive to noise.


The 48 pin device is a 3.58 x 4.06 mm two-level metal Bipolar chip

Mitsubishi M52359 die photo


I have annotated the die photo to show there are at least three places where there are four identical blocks of circuitry. I think corresponding to four channels associated with the four read/write heads.




Inside the blocks you can see large driver transistors.  Oddly despite being of similar size they have distinctly different layouts

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