LTC3789 High Efficiency Buck-Boost Regulator


The Linear Technology High Efficiency, Synchronous, 4 -Switch Buck-Boost Controller is a very sophisticated voltage regulator capable of regulating an output voltage to 1% from an input voltage range of 4V to 38V that can be above or below the output voltage. LTC3789 buck-boost regulatorMine has a week 25 2011 date code.

Die Photo

The die size is 2.17 mm x 1.82 mm  (Just 3.95 mm2). The die is very colourful and interesting to look at with lots of distinctive functional blocksLTC3789 Die Photo(click on image for higher resolution version)

As an aside, I originally create significantly higher resolution images than what I am able to post. I cannot post images above ~10MB without getting an upload error. This seems to be a limitation related to WordPress and my web host.  I have tried all sorts of work arounds to no avail.

The part is made on a two metal fairly modern Bipolar process. Designed in 2009, here is a link to the datasheet and the block diagram for the partIts a pretty complex circuit and well above my level of electronics skill to try and decipher, so I did not try.

I will finish with an image of an interesting pair of transistors

And once again thank you to Jeremy for sending me the part.

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