LM358 Dual Op-Amp

The LM358 is a widely used low power dual op-amp that is still made and sold by several different companies. This one was made by STM. The die is a 1mm x 1mm square and contains just 26 transistors, a couple of capacitors and a handful of resistors.

LM358 die photo

In the datasheet is a schematic of one half (Of the LM158 Рthe die has a GO158B6 die mark and I think the LM158, LM258. and LM358 must be the same die).

LM158 schematicGiven how simple the ic layout is, it is tempting to waste an hour trying to reverse engineer the circuit. I tried and couldn’t quite reconcile the layout to the above schematic. If you want to have a go here is the die with the pads annotated to give you a head start.

LM358 pin-out

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