Extreme teardown of (mostly) older electronics

Who doesn’t like a good teardown? It’s fun to explore how things are made and I enjoy looking at teardowns but find them a little frustrating. For most electronics the clever stuff (and the real beauty) is inside the little plastic packages containing the silicon chips.

To look inside the integrated circuits requires decapsulation of the silicon die (Which usually requires soaking them in hot concentrated acid). A description of the process I use is given here.



I like to see what is going on inside those silicon devices by examining them under the microscope. My focus is on older  electronic parts hence the ‘Vintage Teardown’.  Vintage silicon die are often more interesting (and accessible) under an optical microscope. (And sacrificing an old electronic device for teardown is less demanding on the wallet).

Sometimes it is the technical angle that is interesting, but often they just make really nice images.




You can reach me at gary@vintageteardown.com


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