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Philips Sonicare

I found a Sonicare toothbrush from 2012 with a brush sanitizer and charger base.       Inside the sanitizing compartment is a UV-C light source together with a lot of reflective metal-plated plastic and a tray that supports the brush heads. … Continue reading

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50W COB LED module with integrated driver

This is not a vintage teardown at all.  This is a modern LED module that just needs to be mounted and directly connected to electrical mains lead and you have a powerful floodlight.  They are extraordinarily inexpensive, I bought mine on eBay … Continue reading

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Mad Catz PS2 Controller

This is a third party controller for the Sony Playstation 2 from around 2003/4 timeframe (Don’t know a lot about it as it was given to me for teardown.) The label on the indicates a tradedress(?) of 2003 giving us the the … Continue reading

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The ST L6283 is a HDD spindle motor and VCM (voice coil motor) controller from 1999. It was on the board from the Western Digital/La Cie hard drive that I tore down recently. I could not find a data sheet … Continue reading

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