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Maxim MAX1636 Low Voltage Step-down controller

 Package MAX1636 is a synchronous buck switch mode power supply controller for laptop CPU’s. Taken from a Apple Clamshell iBook from 2000. Packaged in a 20 pin DIP with 2000 week 35 date code.     Die Photo Die size … Continue reading

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Rohm BA6860FS 3-phase Motor Driver

Package From 1994 another chip from the JVC Camcorder.  This one was located on an area of the board labeled “SERVO” so I guessed it was a motor driver.I was somewhat surprised to manage to find a datasheet.  Turns out … Continue reading

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Maxim MAX675 Voltage Reference

Do you remember the clamshell iBook from around 2000?  In my opinion it was one of Apples best ever products. Rugged and one of the first laptops with mass user appeal. I used one for several years, it was a … Continue reading

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Hitachi A118186

Mounted on the 1994 camcorder right next to a board label of Y/C is a mini PCB.  On the underside is mounted  a 64 pin A118186 chip with an Hitachi logo. Y/C is short for Luminance and Chrominance, luminance is … Continue reading

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